Day 13: One Final Day in Moscow – Conservatory Visit & Heart Warming Final Concert!

One final day in Moscow

DSC02374After battling traffic this morning we finally got to the Moscow Conservatory. What an incredible building filled with character and history. As we waited to be let in we could hear students practicing from their practice rooms.What beautiful sounds coming out from their open windows.

The Moscow Conservatory is also officially known as the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in music performance and music research. It was co-founded in 1866 by Nikolai Rubinstein and Prince Nikolai Troubetzkoy. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was appointed professor of theory and harmony at its opening. Since 1940 the conservatory bears his name. It is the second oldest conservatory in Russia after the St. Petersburg Conservatory. When we went into the great hall – I had chills. The beauty of the hall was overwhelming and to see all the Russian composers surrounding the hall was incredible. There was an organist practicing in the hall getting ready for his concert. It sounded glorious.


Triple encore again today for our last concert! We played Czardas, Scheherazade and Waltz No.2 again. The Russians just love that song!!!! Their heartfelt applause and cheers will be something I think we will never forget.

Blurb from Jessica – “Our concert tonight was so much fun. By the time we got to the end of our planned repertoire, everyone was sweating to death under the hot spotlights. The veterans were clapping so loud that Mrs. Morris decided we should do an encore, so we played Czardas. Because the girls were velvet shirts and long skirts and the boys wear tuxedos, we were all ready to faint from heat stroke at this point. The veterans absolutely loved Czardas, so we played yet another encore. Even though we were all drenched in sweat and exhausted, the looks of pure joy on the veterans’ faces made the whole experience worth it. Performing for these veterans and making their day was one of the highlights of the trip.”



The highlight of the tours for me are always the concerts! I love each concert because each venue is so different and unique. You never know what we get until we arrive. In this case I love the unknown. I love the heightened/elevated pressure that is needed to adjust to each situation. I love watching the audience members fall in love with my students and their music. I love watching my students faces light up when the audience members start clapping in unison, cheering and crying tears of joy.


Sharing our music with the kind people of Russia have been very meaningful. They truly express their love and joy for the music and for my students. They are genuinely appreciative of their performance and music. There is nothing fake or artificial – if I could capture one thing to bring back – I would bring that back for everyone to see how warm, welcoming and truly embracing our audiences have been no matter the venue, city or country.  It is heartfelt and sincere. I know that my students know that music can bridge gaps and bring joy and harmony to all.


The other thing I take away is the time I have spent with my students. They are great kids and when you go on tour together you truly become one family. The quality time spent and the memories made over the past 2 weeks will be lifelong.

I also want to thank them for all their hard work. Going on tour has been a year committment and my students know now, why we had to prepare so much repertoire. They played 6 concerts that were each over an hour long and then played 1-3 encores on top of it. That’s a lot of music and time performing. All I can say is well done – Bravo.


Our journey comes to an end here in Russia, but we bring back to Waterford all that we have learned and experienced.

We leave for the airport tomorrow morning. We fly from Moscow to JFK and then to SLC. We get in at 11:45pm on Tuesday.

See you soon.

We’d like to leave you with one final toast to end our time in Russia……



Day 12 Gallery:


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