Day 11: A Day On The Town Moscow Style

Today we went to Sergiev Posad for a guided tour of the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius.




“St. Sergius, the founder of the Holy Trinity, Lavra, was born of wealthy Rostov boyars on May 3, 1314. On the fortieth day the local priest baptized the child, naming him Bartholomew. From his childhood he grew accustomed to solitude and sought his salvation through prayer, fasting and work. In 1337, at the age of 23, after his parents’ death, he decided to leave for the desert together with his elder brother Stephen. The brothers chose to found their hermitage in a clearing surrounded by thick forest on a lower hill. They built for themselves a cell and a small church, which they dedicated to the Lifegiving Trinity. That was the birth of the monastery, which later served as a source of pride and inspiration to the people of Russia.”

FullSizeRender (1)

It was beautiful and there was a sense of peace to the whole “complex” despite all the tourists

We needed that sense of calm and peace since it took us two hours to get there. The traffic is so bad in Moscow. I know there is a lot of people, but I had no idea just how bad it was.For lunch a lot of us went to McDonald’s just to try it in Russia – others went to the stalls.They had darling souvenir stands here that were all made from the people of this town.

FullSizeRender 3

From the Monastery we went into the center of Moscow. We got a Metro tour. The metro opened in 1935 and more than 9 million people use it daily. It runs very efficiently and totally beautifully. There are ornate stations- they have unique lighting and the escalators are steep and take you deep down into the underground.

We had dinner at Godunov and then had free time for 2 hours to explore the Red Square, and GUM (pronounced “goom”) GUM is the State Department Store. It is a beautiful old building filled with fancy American and Russian shops and delicious ice cream. Both Matthew and Sophie independently ran into their mom’s at GUM! It’s a small world. 🙂

We took the Metro home back to our hotel.


Here’s a little blurb from Tate –

“Today in Red Square, we went into a souvenir shop on a side road. After shopping around for a little bit, I found a group of santas in the back corner. Knowing my mom collected santas,  I knew I had to get one. So determined, I bargained my way down to less than half price for the santa. I’m very proud and I hope my mom likes it.”

Tomorrow we have a big day – we have a tour of the Kremlin grounds, more Red Square time and then we have a big concert tomorrow night at 7pm at the International House of Music.


It will be a long day for my kids, since we will leave the hotel at 10am and not be able to come back until after the concert. Wish us good luck!


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