Japan Trip Days 0-3 Written By the Hers and They


-10 bijillion hours of traveling

-the toilets make noise: harsh waterfall with essence of bird and confusing buttons

-ferry to Miyajima- seeing the gate


-the magic of the bath


-waking up super early do to jet lag- Lily ate loud snacks and woke Amy up at like 4:00am


-hiking to see temples on the mountain

-we saw signs to beware of venomous snake signs, and then a lady warned Sakiko that she saw a snake on the path, so we freaked out just a tad

-SO MANY STAIRS, also Sakiko always has snacks


-shopping- we got food socks!

-we pet deer


-Japanese shaved ice

-traditional Japanese dinner


-Hiroshima- sad but interesting



-People our age kept saying hello to us in English because we definitely look like tourists

-lunch ramen, yum


-Iwakuni- Sakiko, Dreeg and Adah got momentarily lost, tripping on invisible stairs on the bridge,  went to a samurai village- an old guy talked to us (English) and said “very pretty ladies, very good”,  Sakiko and Adah played in water, we all threw rocks into a river- Waterhouse chucked rock across the entire width of the river,  got food at convenience store, ate manju and rice balls, witnessed cormorant fishing (talk to Amy about the side story of that experience), little kids were saying hello to us (English), sprinting for our lives to the ferry




Day 3

Himeji- second time on Bullet train (except Wade and Sakiko), rented bikes- Justin tried to jump with it (it didn’t work), Adah failed completely,  almost everyone almost hit someone (Adah succeeded), Went to Himeji Castle, went to lunch- Dreeg got tempura, and failed at eating it so badly that the waitresses had to tell them how to eat it correctly after laughing at them in the corner, went to different temples, one of them had a million more steep stairs, and at the top was a cool view, went to Daiso- Trevor got hair clips, and is rocking them, but he couldn’t  figure out how to put them on, so we had to help him


And now we’re in Kyoto!



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