Day 4: Old Castle & Old Town a perfect match!

Today we kicked off an incredibly fun day by going to the Rakvere Castle. It was about an hour outside of Tallinn, but well worth the drive. The countryside of Estonia is stunning. Fields of yellow lined our pathway as we made our way to the castle. The yellow fields represent rapeseed which is used for commercial mustard and canola oil. When you look out to the fields, it’s simply breathtaking.


When we got to the castle we split up into two groups and got a guided tour. We went into a torture chamber and the guide went through all the instruments and what they did and why. He also talked about the Divine Comedy and the 9 rings of hell. It was interesting and for our students who read Dante I thought that this was a great lesson. There were many activities for the students today. We did jousting, archery, cannonball shooting, a gauntlet run, and they spoke in Latin. After our activities we sat down for a traditional medieval lunch. We started with soup and bread, salad and chicken teriyaki skewers. (Craig said that he didn’t think there was teriyaki sauce back in the middle ages…..….Kikkoman and Yoshida sauce was NOT invented yet!)IMG_1514

Everyone had a blast and loved their day at the castle. We even had some girls recreate the castle out of rice during dinner.

The late afternoon was spent in Old Town, Tallinn, where our concert will be tomorrow night. We ran into kids shopping and buying souvenirs – hopefully something to bring home to all of you! (hahaha) Although it seemed like the gelato shop was the most popular amongst our clan. And I don’t think any of that is going to make it back to the States. I myself had 3 scoops today – chocolate, strawberry and MANGO! Good thing we walked a lot today! I may not fit into my concert clothes tomorrow night.


Dinner was in an old converted barn near the hotel. It was nice that it was close enough to walk and we could enjoy the good weather that has been with us all day. We had pork schnitzel, chicken “supreme”, several salad choices and rice, potatoes and yummy desserts.

IMG_2059Bed check tonight was at 10:30pm and I will let the kids sleep in tomorrow since we have some busy days ahead of us. Tomorrow we have one activity in the morning and then a concert tomorrow night at the Niguliste Church at 7pm. No promises, but if you have facebook, Craig will try to do some snippets of facebook live during the concert.

Today was a good day!

Cheers –

Kathy and Craig





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